Samland Airport is the focal point along Pham Van Dong Boulevard

When the Tan Son Nhat traffic route with Pham Van Dong Boulevard was connected, many real estate projects kicked off strongly. One of them is Samland Airport. The groundbreaking ceremony of Samland Airport project (No. 31 Nguyen Hong, Go Vap district) in September this year has brought to the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City another prestigious project.
Services, services. service and service

Overall perspective of Samland Airport apartment project

Real estate project
The overall perspective of Samland Airport apartment project
If the successful slogan of real estate companies revolves around choosing a good location to deploy the project, then with Samland, the key to success beyond location is service.

With the advantage of being the son of a large corporation like Sacom with a market capitalization of up to 3,000 billion dong and being one of the first companies listed on the stock exchange (stock code: SAM), Samland has certain financial advantages to be able to have long-term plans.

Talking about the company’s development strategy, Mr. Le Nhu Thach, General Director of Samland said, the company does not follow the usual PR strategy but wants to bring its services to customers. As proof, when investing in Samland Giai Viet, most customers are satisfied by the quality of service that the apartment here brings.

Project with full facilities and services to serve the modern living needs of residents

project open for sale
Project with full facilities and services to serve the modern living needs of residents
“Since the day we moved here, we feel very satisfied because of the quality Samland’s service as well as service, the staff here are very dedicated and attentive,” shared Mr. Nguyen Trung, an apartment owner here. According to Trung, Samland focuses on residents’ preferences by investigating how satisfied they are with living in each of his apartments. Where residents are not satisfied, Samland’s team immediately corrects them.

According to many real estate experts, while most real estate investors focus on location, price or accompanying utilities, and ignore the service factor, companies focus heavily on services. to the service will easily succeed. “I think it’s time for real estate developers in Vietnam to focus on service development. It will be a key point to determine success,” said Mr. Stephen Wyatt, General Director of the company. Consulting firm Jones Lang Lasalle commented.

Location and planning
Perhaps, stemming from the mind of serving customers, Samland leaders, when developing any real estate project, always focus on design and planning. overall project. Therefore, Samland leaders chose on the most beautiful route in Ho Chi Minh City, Pham Van Dong, to deploy Samland Airport with high quality and reasonable price. Accordingly, the Samland Airport project is designed with 14 floors including 2 basements, 2 commercial floors and 12 floors of apartments with only 5-6 apartments on each floor. All apartments face frontage and corner lot. Moreover, each floor has 2 elevators, so it can both ensure quick circulation in the area and ensure security and safety for residents.

Pham Van Dong Boulevard is changing the face of the Northwest housing market

new real estate project for sale
Pham Van Dong Boulevard is changing the face of the Northwest housing market
In addition to reasonable design and layout in the area, Samland Airport is also prominent as the “heart” of Pham Van Dong route connecting with Tan Son Nhat when the destinations are central locations of education and health such as: Hospital 175, Oncology Hospital, Hong Duc… and big universities such as: Industry, Van Lang, Hong Bang, University of Law…

“With a location like this, plus the city’s planning, from now to 2020, no projects will be deployed along Pham Van Dong Boulevard, Samland Airport becomes a hot spot for investors. invest in real estate right after the sale,” said Mr. Ngoc Tran, a longtime real estate investor.

According to Mr. Tran, in this area, thanks to the completed infrastructure, the expected selling price of the apartment will increase by 20% – 30%. He said that he is waiting for information when the project is officially launched and sold and will immediately order.

It is known that, after starting construction in September 2015, Samland chose Eximrs Company as the exclusive distributor of this project. Accordingly, Eximrs is a reputable and professional distributor in the real estate market when successfully distributing many projects such as: Exim Building (Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan), Sunny Plaza, Phu Cuong (Tran Tran). Brain, District 2)…

(Theo Samland)

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