Will real estate continue to plummet?

According to experts, the real estate market will still receive a wave of price drops in the near future and it will take about 3 years for the market to recover.

Vietnam’s real estate at the moment has not bottomed

Economist Nguyen Tri Hieu 

Vietnam’s real estate market hasn’t bottomed yet, my subjective opinion is that it will bottom by the end of this year, but not yet a V-shaped bottom, but a flat bottom, and will continue to move sideways for 2 years. – 3 more years, because it still depends on bad debt. If bad debt is resolved tomorrow, the market will go up in 2014. 

“Real estate prices can be reduced by 30%” 

Mr. Phan Truong Son – Chairman of the Board of Directors of HUD Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company3

Real estate prices can be further reduced by about 30%, of which management costs are reduced by 10-15%, production costs by 10%, and corporate administration costs by 5-10%. %. Real estate investors currently have to bear an unreasonable cost in real estate prices. These costs can be reduced immediately if the management agency is really drastic. For example, for construction investment management costs, this amount can be reduced by 10% by completely assigning a unit to handle all documents from project formulation to completion. . The total cost can be 10-15% of the price.

Real estate fever will have to wait after 2020

Mr. Mai Xuan Hung, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Economic Committee

Currently, Vietnam’s real estate market has passed the freezing stage and is in the middle of breaking the ice and resolving bad debts. About 3 years from now, the market will be able to recover and it will take until 2020 for the market to develop sustainably.

Many real estate businesses will sell at a loss

Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, Deputy Director of Dat Lanh Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The current price is not the bottom. Accordingly, the type of apartment priced at over 20 million VND/m2 will decrease sharply (over 10%), especially the apartment of 13-14 million VND/m2 will only decrease slightly, up to 5%. This is an opportunity for those in need of housing. Regarding this issue, the representative of Dat Lanh Company also analyzed that many businesses can reduce the selling price and accept losses at a project to “feed” other projects or at least to maintain the public apparatus. ty.

Buying a house at the moment is still “a bit young”

Dr. Le Tham Duong (Ho Chi Minh City Banking University)

You can buy a house now, but it’s “slightly young” because the price hasn’t reached the bottom yet, so the price may drop even more. However, in the current situation, homebuyers should also choose the “cannot be wiser” option, which is to accept a small selection, it will be profitable in that it does not have to rent a house, easy to choose an apartment. .

Lan Anh

According to Young Intellectuals


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