Currently, following international trends, real estate transactions are appraised by an independent consulting organization to ensure objectivity and transparency in the process of property transactions. strong>

An movable property is assessed as the highest and best use if at the time of valuation it is found that the movable property is in lawful use and is providing the greatest net income or is likely to give the present value of the property. future net income is the largest, highest and best use that can exist and last continuously for a certain period of time.

1. Real Estate Appraisal Concept
Valuation is the assessment or re-evaluation of a property’s value in line with the market  at a certain time according to Vietnamese standards or international practices.
Property valuation includes: Machinery and equipment, means of transport, other goods and services, etc. In each case and for specific appraisal purposes, the concept of market value is applied and non-market value as the basis for valuation. A real estate appraisal is an estimate of the value of specific property rights in monetary form for a specified purpose under certain market conditions with appropriate methods. suitable
Like the real estate market, the market for machinery and equipment, technological lines, factories, equipment, supplies and goods, collectively known as the real estate market, is the “place” where buying and selling activities take place. sale, transfer, lease, mortgage and related services such as intermediaries, brokerage, consulting… related to movable property among market participants.
The price of real estate depends largely on the supply-demand relationship in the market. According to the appraisal standard No. 01 issued under Decision No. 24/2005/QD-BTC dated April 18, 2005 of the Ministry of Finance: The market price of movable property is the estimated price being traded on the market. at the time of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller on the other in an objective and independent transaction under normal commercial conditions.
However, the price of Real Estate is also dependent on many other factors such as market imbalances due to many unforeseen causes such as exclusivity, speculativeness, other factors. unfair competition … there are factors stemming from the intervention of State policy such as adjustment of tax policy, import limit …

Direct comparison/comparison method
The earnings method (also called the investment method or the capitalization method)
Cost method (cost method)
Profit method (or accounting method)
The residual method (or business analysis / hypothetical development method)

Property mortgage, credit guarantee;
Buying, selling, transferring, contributing capital to joint ventures;
Enterprise establishment, enterprise equitization;
Debt settlement, enterprise dissolution;
Compensation, insurance, claims;
Accounting, tax calculation ;
Consulting and setting up investment projects;
Other purposes;