Business valuation is the assessment or re-evaluation of the entire value of an enterprise’s assets, including its tangible and intangible assets, in terms of the total value of the enterprise.

To appraise the business value accurately, it is required that the valuation unit has a reputation and experience in valuing tangible and intangible assets of the business. Company MHD is one of the leading prestigious companies in Vietnam in the field of business valuation. With a team of experienced and reputable appraisers, MHD has become a prestigious address of many businesses across the country.

Equity, joint venture, capital contribution;
Establishment or dissolution of a business;
Issuing shares, selling shares to the public;
Proof financial capacity;
Reform business, improve business efficiency;
The M&A market in Vietnam has a relatively fast growth rate.
In the current difficult economic situation, the strategies of buying, selling, merging, splitting and transforming businesses are solutions that businesses can implement to survive and develop.
Besides, many foreign enterprises continue to seek investment opportunities in the Vietnamese market. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the ways they approach the market.
As of July 31, 2011, the whole country has equitized 3349 enterprises, accounting for 67% of the total number of enterprises.
State-owned companies are still continuing the process of converting into joint stock companies. Regulations in Decree 59/2011/ND-CP issued on July 18, 2011 are expected to help speed up the equitization process.