Appraisal of goodwill

Intangible assets play an important role in the success of the business, helping businesses create a distinctive sign in the marketplace as well as creating a unique mark to ensure that the business develops and has many opportunities. special and general success.
MHD’s intangible value appraisal services include brand appraisal services, technology, intellectual property, human value, commercial advantage, lease advantage….
Brand is an extremely important asset of the business, the brand appraisal helps to measure the performance of the brand in a more focused and feasible way.
1. Classification of intangible assets

Inventions, inventions, formulas, processes, models, skills, trade secrets.
Copyrights and literary, musical and artistic works.
Trade. trademarks, trade names, trademarks, product identifiers.
Business rights, licenses, contracts.
Methods, programs, systems, procedures, surveys. , research, forecast, estimate, customer list, technical data.
And other types of intangible assets (such as human resources, business location…).< br /> Appraisal of intangible value for equitization of enterprises or calling for investment capital, franchising… Companies today have developed the brand valuation model into a tool. management is very effective.
Our intangible appraisal service will help businesses quantify hidden intangible value, assess potential and development, establish a management system intangible fixed assets of the enterprise on an effective present value basis.

Buying, selling, transferring, mortgaging, mortgaging, borrowing from banks.
Determination of property value for litigation service. Tax calculation and accounting in accounting books and financial statements.
Invest and contribute capital to enterprises and shares.
Determine investment value.